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​Wear your moods; express with stones



Humans are amazing beings that find different ways to express themselves. In everyday lives, there’s always a way to communicate individuality, creativity, and personality.

This is true with the things we wear—hell, even our underwear says a lot about character. Fashion, in a sense, is a form of communication and expression, and people find different ways to show themselves through the things worn.

There’s a great way to combine personality, moods and fashion through stones. Stones, coming from the earth, in all its natural form, brings out a type of energy that becomes one with the person wearing the stone. Stones evoke a type of energy that brings out moods, energies, memories, and oneness with nature.

 It is through this ideology that a group of friends created the accessory brand Calypso, inspired by the Greek nymph who is known for her unique and timeless beauty. Starting in 2013, the founders conceptualized the design and composition of stylish fashion bracelets, made of stones from the earth.

Looking through the stone bracelet market, there aren’t much choices for the poignant fashionista. Living up to the adage from the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent, “Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.”

Beauty and Substance 

Established since 2013, this accessories brand has collections for everyone, him and her, and all-time favorites in their repertoire of bracelets for the fashionistas. Their promise? “Real stones for real people.”

And how real can one get if not with diamonds and stones? Bracelets that can be worn by both men and women alike, fitting any gender and style, and goes well with anyone who has sensible fashion.

With stones made of charms, volcanic stones, gems, Lokai (silicone bracelets) among others, with their stylish items that come in many themes and designs, with a purpose of bringing people together, gift-giving, or simply adding on a little spice on anyone’s wardrobe. A purpose for every piece

There are specific collections for men and women, but the beauty is that each piece has its androgynous touch to it. We find that when people wear what we have, then we feel like a part of that person, which is why wedding bands and other accessories symbolize partnership between people or groups.

The Apollo Bracelet, made from semi opaque colored acrylic beads with matte finish has a black and white color theme, signifying the best and worst moments in life which reminds us of the “yin and yang” of life.

The Greek Bracelet collection comes with two bracelets—Santorini and Roman Bracelets. This collection, made of Snowflake stones, brings a certain balance to the body, mind and spirit, as well as Lava stones which has a calming effect to the emotions. The classic black makes an aesthetic and substantial addition any wardrobe.

For a softer touch, bracelets made of Rose Quartz and Coral stones are from the Roman collection. With a combination of the two stones, the stylish Red/Pink and white gives a more feminine feel to it. The stone, coral, gives the user the power to stand ground and tame the temptation.

Besides the western influence of Italian and Roman, there are Japanese-themed designs as well coming from the New Era collection. This androgynous collection shows the ingenuity of oriental culture, from the traditional Eastern culture to today’s Harajuku, Aoyama, Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjuku and Shibuya street fashion, that can be a stylish staple in everyday wear.

So go ahead and indulge yourself in the beauty of nature, get your own Calypso bracelet today. For more information on Calypso bracelets, you may check their website here.

Calypso PH is giving away 1000 pesos worth of Gift Certificates! Go to this link to join.


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Outfit Trends Today that Paris Hilton Wore First



Before there were the Kardashians or any other influencers in today’s digital world, there was Paris Hilton.

Most would’ve hated Paris, but we have to admit that SHE WAS a trendsetter and an influencer way before the world of digital influencers even existed.   Her name was a favorite headline back in the early 2000’s.  May it be a new trend, a new business, a new show or — yes, a scandal.

As a socialite, Paris was the ultimate trendsetter when it comes to fashion and since (her era) the late 90’s and 2000’s fashion is slowly making a comeback, we’ve rounded up some of the looks that were originally seen being worn by the hotel heiress.


Gone are the days when you only wear tracksuits when working out or when you feel bloated. Paris Hilton was the first one to turn this gym outfit into a stylish everyday outfit.  Today, tracksuits/pants are being worn by celebrities and influencers to events and everyday life.  Today, we see the likes of the Kardashians putting the tracksuit game out there again.

Graphic T-shirts

We all know that she didn’t invent the Graphic T-shirts, but apparently, she’s the one who turned it into a fashion statement. There was a time when Paris would always grace the red carpet in her skimpy, low hugging bottoms paired with a loud statement shirt.  Paris thinks that T-shirts are the best way to tell the world your profound thoughts.  Thank you for making statement shirts a fashion statement, Paris!

The Tiny Sparkly Dress

Who is Paris Hilton without her tiny sparkly signature dresses? A look which was of course recreated by a young Kendall Jenner on her 21st birthday.   They say that in 2018, sequins will be the future of fashion — we bow down to Paris’ amazing foresight!

These are just 3 of the trends today that we have seen on Paris Hilton way back.  What are other trends she started do you think would be making a comeback? Let us know!

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Alternative APPS to replace GRAB in our life



Alternative APPS to replace GRAB in our life

Are you tired of over-priced Grab fare? Without UBER in the picture, Grab seems to be the only choice for many. I mean, I sometimes feel like I’m being ripped off and given that we all just want to head to our destination ASAP we end up giving in to these unfair prices.

BUT have no fear, Berty is here. I did a little experiment and Rounded Up alternative commuting apps to replace GRAB in our life.  Here are 3 apps I personally tried and worked wonders for me 🙂

Wunder Carpool App


This App is a Carpool. You’ll get a chance to meet new friends and the Drivers are 101% professional. When you download the App you’ll have the option if you’ll offer a ride or you’ll find a ride. Basically, you’re just going to carpool with someone who’s going somewhere that has the same route with you.

PLANNED RIDING: Just make sure to ADVANCE BOOK 3 days before, so you and your driver can have a smooth agreement about your pick up and drop off. The down part is, this is not real time like Grab. This app is best for Airport trips or planned meetings.


An app where you can book a taxi that has Micab App. What’s good about this app is that it doesn’t have a booking fee. You pay according to your meter. The Drivers are patient enough to find you and will not start the meter unless you are found. I’ve used this a lot. The down part is, most of the taxis are in the business area like, Makati, BGC, Ortigas. I live in Marikina and I had a hard time booking. I would suggest that you use this app when you are bound home because it is much effective that way.


This is one of the best. It’s just like Grab. Real-time booking, you’ll be able to see the rate and the cars that are nearby. Just like UBER, drivers won’t be able to see your destination until you are fetched. Fares are MUCH cheaper than Grab and the drivers are accommodating as well. In my opinion this just might be the promising competitor for GRAB.

These choices are based on my personal experience. Do you know other apps that are at par? Let me know through the comments below 🙂

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Traffic Advisory: Road closures in Manila for the INC event



Traffic Advisory: Road closures in Manila for the INC event

Image: TripAdvisor

Several roads in Manila will be closed to vehicles for the launching of the Worldwide Aid to Fight Poverty organized by the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) on July 14 and 15.

Starting 6 pm on July 14, the stretch of Katigbak Drive, South Drive, and Independence Road will be off-limits to passing vehicles.

The following day, July 15, the road closure will start at 12:01 am at the following areas:

· Stretch of Road-10 from Moriones to Delpan Bridge
· Stretch of Bonifacio Drive from Delpan Bridge to Katigbak Drive
· Stretch of Roxas Blvd. from Katigbak Drive to P. Ocampo
· East and Westbound lane from P. Burgos from Lagusnilad to Roxas Blvd.
· Finance Road from Taft Ave. To P. Burgos
· Westbound lane of TM Kalaw from M.H del Pilar to Roxas Blvd.
· Westbound lane of Pres. Quirino from M.H del Pilar to Roxas Blvd.

Motorists are advised to take the following alternate routes during the said period:

· All vehicles utilizing southbound lane of R-10 shall turn left to Moriones St. to point of destination

· All vehicles coming from Pasay area intending to utilize the northbound lane of Roxas blvd. shall turn right to P. Ocampo St. or use Roxas Blvd. service Road to point of destination

· All vehicles coming from three bridges : Quezon, McArthur and Jones intending to utilize the southbound lane of Roxas Blvd. shall go straight to Taft Ave. to point of destination

· All vehicles coming from Ayala Bridge shall turn left/right to Taft Avenue to point of destination

· All vehicles utilizing westbound lane of Pres. Quirino shall turn left to Mabini St. To point of destination

· Heavy vehicles/Cargo trucks shall take Pres. Osmena, to Pres. Quirino going to Nagtahan via AH Lacson to Yuseco to Capulong to R-10 (vise versa)

At least 200,000 INC members are expected to participate in the two-day event to be held at the Rizal Park, Manila City



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