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​Wear your moods; express with stones



Humans are amazing beings that find different ways to express themselves. In everyday lives, there’s always a way to communicate individuality, creativity, and personality.

This is true with the things we wear—hell, even our underwear says a lot about character. Fashion, in a sense, is a form of communication and expression, and people find different ways to show themselves through the things worn.

There’s a great way to combine personality, moods and fashion through stones. Stones, coming from the earth, in all its natural form, brings out a type of energy that becomes one with the person wearing the stone. Stones evoke a type of energy that brings out moods, energies, memories, and oneness with nature.

 It is through this ideology that a group of friends created the accessory brand Calypso, inspired by the Greek nymph who is known for her unique and timeless beauty. Starting in 2013, the founders conceptualized the design and composition of stylish fashion bracelets, made of stones from the earth.

Looking through the stone bracelet market, there aren’t much choices for the poignant fashionista. Living up to the adage from the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent, “Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.”

Beauty and Substance 

Established since 2013, this accessories brand has collections for everyone, him and her, and all-time favorites in their repertoire of bracelets for the fashionistas. Their promise? “Real stones for real people.”

And how real can one get if not with diamonds and stones? Bracelets that can be worn by both men and women alike, fitting any gender and style, and goes well with anyone who has sensible fashion.

With stones made of charms, volcanic stones, gems, Lokai (silicone bracelets) among others, with their stylish items that come in many themes and designs, with a purpose of bringing people together, gift-giving, or simply adding on a little spice on anyone’s wardrobe. A purpose for every piece

There are specific collections for men and women, but the beauty is that each piece has its androgynous touch to it. We find that when people wear what we have, then we feel like a part of that person, which is why wedding bands and other accessories symbolize partnership between people or groups.

The Apollo Bracelet, made from semi opaque colored acrylic beads with matte finish has a black and white color theme, signifying the best and worst moments in life which reminds us of the “yin and yang” of life.

The Greek Bracelet collection comes with two bracelets—Santorini and Roman Bracelets. This collection, made of Snowflake stones, brings a certain balance to the body, mind and spirit, as well as Lava stones which has a calming effect to the emotions. The classic black makes an aesthetic and substantial addition any wardrobe.

For a softer touch, bracelets made of Rose Quartz and Coral stones are from the Roman collection. With a combination of the two stones, the stylish Red/Pink and white gives a more feminine feel to it. The stone, coral, gives the user the power to stand ground and tame the temptation.

Besides the western influence of Italian and Roman, there are Japanese-themed designs as well coming from the New Era collection. This androgynous collection shows the ingenuity of oriental culture, from the traditional Eastern culture to today’s Harajuku, Aoyama, Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjuku and Shibuya street fashion, that can be a stylish staple in everyday wear.

So go ahead and indulge yourself in the beauty of nature, get your own Calypso bracelet today. For more information on Calypso bracelets, you may check their website here.

Calypso PH is giving away 1000 pesos worth of Gift Certificates! Go to this link to join.



Grammy Fashion 101: cop that Bruno Mars & Cardi B look



Everbody’s got their own style, and that’s alright! But if you’re looking for an upgrade to your #OOTD stash, you might’ve noticed that something’s missing…

Boy don’t you keep ol’ Ramsay waitin’…

And so we ask the question: who wants to start dripping in finesse?

Hold up! Hands up!

Everybody (and we mean everybody) wanted to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet 90s look when Bruno Mars and Cardi B lit up the stage for the 2018 Grammys. We don’t blame you, though.

Drippin’ swagoo

What makes the style crazy good isn’t just because it’s vibrant, colorful, and two of the best artists in the hip hop industry are wearing it, but because it pays homage to a classic 90s show: In Living Color. Starring Jamie Foxx, Marlon Wayans, Jennifer Lopez, and Jim Carrey, Mars tweeted once before that it was one of his all-time favorite shows growing up—and who can blame him?

Watch the show so you don’t feel like you missed half of your childhood

In fact, Mars loved the show so much that his ode to the show stretched beyond the fabric. Finesse was shot in the then-standard 4:3 ratio, instead of today’s widely used 16:9 (widescreen). And if we haven’t mentioned it yet, Cardi B also jumped in on the trend with her own look to compliment the performance:

*Attempts to make those buzzing sounds she does all the time*

Fortunately for us, much of the style during the 90s is making a huge comeback, and the supply & demand is holding. So if you’re looking to start dripping in finesse, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up a few places where you can score your very own version of that living color fashion. And the best part? These shops won’t break the bank.

Paycheck can’t come any sooner.

Before we start going ham on the “add to cart” buttons on our trusty shops, let’s go over the basics first:

For the gents, Bruno Mars:

The afro is a big plus. Sadly, you can only buy jeans, not genes. *sigh*

And for the ladies, Cardi B:

The additional boyfriend-as-hypeman is also a must have. I must warn you though, bad boys are high maintenance.

Now that you’re all set and have taken these pointers from the masters themselves, let’s take a look at where we’ll be stopping and shopping.

Striped shirts: 90s Kids PH

90s Kids PH sells a respectable line of good quality striped t-shirts, ringer t’s, and boyfriend shirts. Prices range from 150 to 400 depending on the type of shirt, and they do shipping and meet-ups! To see more of their designs, prices, and sizing, check out their Instagram and Shopee page. They also have a sunnies and specs shop where you can get your own 90s colored lens glasses.

Printed long sleeves and crewnecks: Poly Toly Owie

PolyTolyOwie is jam-packed with 90s designs. These guys sell custom t-shirts, tie dyes, crewnecks, and hoodies that range from 250 to 800 depending on your design and type of shirt. You can check out this Instagram page for orders and this one for designs and sizes. They also have a Facebook page, Viber (+63 906 804 6954), and SMS (+639565748808) if you want to talk to them about shipping.

Gold chains and hoop earrings: MNL Gold

MNG Gold sells all sorts of gold jewelry, from basic chains to necklaces with intricate designs, as well as rings, bracelets, and earrings. Keep yourself loaded since this’ll be the most expensive part in the 90s fashion as prices start around ₱800 and can go well over ₱1,000. Follow their Instagram page and send them a DM or reach them through Viber (+63 915 662 5974) for inquiries and orders. They accept deposits at BDO, BPI, and can also do money remittance and cash on delivery. *Bling bling*

Caps and bucket hats: Reckless Few PH

Reckless Few PH has quite a few options you might want, so take a look at their Instagram page and see what hey have to offer. Price varies between products, but it’s safe to say that it’s around the 300~350 range, so take a look around and see what matches your style! If you want to see the designs yourself, head on over to Empire Maginhawa to see the store, or message them on Viber/SMS (+63 917 112 7311) for orders or inquiries.

Crop tops: Shopcopper

Shopcopper is every girl’s one stop shop. With new arrivals that come by almost weekly, this online store stocks up on a wide selection of clothes. Still based on the 90s fashion trend, you’ll find retro pieces ranging from crop tops and denims to leather jackets and plaid shirts—and a lot more! For more ideas on their designs, head on over to their Instagram page, and then to their website to see the prices. Prices range from ₱400~₱1,300, so save up if you want to get the (really) good stuff!

Jackets, windbreakers, and button downs: Retrograde PH

Boys, you better line yourselves up for this one. Retrograde PH is the absolute place to be to get anything from the southern Chicago’s fashion to the windy city of Miami’s floral print designs. If you take a quick visit to their Instagram page, you’ll see that their items range from button down short-sleeved shirts to authentic couture merch—but for a price. Floral print button downs start at ₱550 a piece, but if you want to score those sweet Prada Windbreakers and Tommy Hilfiger originals, you’ll have to start bidding. Some even go up as far as ₱3,800 for a deal! So for this one, save up if you want to score those American dreams.

High socks: Sockhouse MNL

The name speaks for itself! Sockhouse MNL is the place to be for all things under your feet. They sell all different kinds of designs for socks, and we’re sure that there’s at least one pair here to fit your 90s needs. Be patient with their Instagram page, though, because it’s private and Sockhouse takes a while to accept follow requests. However, if you’re keen on checking out most of their designs for yourself, they have several physical stores around Quezon City and Pasay.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to go shopping!

Shop, shop, shop until the sweldo drops! *cries*


Who knows? We might just see you in the street looking like a Grammy winner.

Drip, drip, drip but don’t trip.


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Manila Wrestling Federation Brings Back the Fun and Thrills of Pinoy Wrestling



MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Pinoy wrestling is back. This time, it is bigger, braver and bolder than ever.

The Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) invites you to an afternoon of thrills and surprises, as it introduces its cast of colorful, quirky and athletically impressive characters to the Philippine entertainment scene on Saturday, February 25th, 2018, at the UPFI Film Studio in the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City in a launch event for fans and the media titled “Open House: Level UP.”

Boasting of physically gifted entertainers in their roster and a creative team of theater, film and TV professionals, MWF is the fastest rising professional wrestling organization in the Philippines, delivering fun, family-friendly entertainment through its colorful characters and relatable, relevant stories told in athletically driven action in and around the wrestling ring.

Since its official debut at The History Channel’s “HistoryCon” in August 2016, the Manila Wrestling Federation has been entertaining crowds and wrestling fans in Manila through a series of shows at the Makati Cinema Square. In 2018, MWF is setting its sights higher, as it begins its journey into becoming the standard-bearer of professional wrestling entertainment in the Philippines.

“2017 was an incredible year for us”, shares co-founder and Commissioner, Mike Shannon. “Not only did we prove our ability to deliver the best wrestling quality in the country, we were also able to make a noise in the scene by showcasing a blend of local and international talent. This year promises a number of big and exciting changes for the MWF and we are excited to share it with our fans.”

With a number of exciting details to be announced at the event, the future of the Manila Wrestling Federation looks brighter and badder! Find out what the MWF has in store at 3 PM in the UPFI Film Studio on Saturday, February 25th, 2018! For inquiries, reservations and ticket purchase, send a message to MWF’s Facebook page at

About Manila Wrestling Federation

Manila Wrestling Federation is a Manila-based sports-entertainment group, specializing in professional wrestling. The MWF offers a colorful cast of wrestlers and exciting, competitive in-ring action the whole family can enjoy!

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This is the OPM app you need on your phone right now




Save Me Hollywood

Indie Manila is a great place to get your fill for whatever’s cooking in the local music scene. As they celebrate four years of existence this 2018, they’ve got a special surprise for all of their followers: their very own app.

If you’re not too familiar with Indie Manila, you’ll recognize them for covering one of the most anticipated music festivals in the country on an annual basis: Wanderland Music Festival. Now if you’ve been to one of these, you know that they’re the real deal when it comes to inviting big name artists that are making waves across the globe. To wit, their 2017 lineup was lit AF, bringing artists like The Temper Trap, Yuna, HONNE, LANY, and Purity Ring—not to mention young bloods Jappy Agoncillo and KFK Collective leading the charge for the art. Indie Manila has solidified itself to being one of the countries leading supporters and journalists for all things OPM. And finally, they’re now bringing you updates straight to your phone.

The road to Google Play Store wasn’t easy, however, since the birth of the app took one year in the making, says founder Bel Certeza. This was her first foray into app development, learning the ropes from YouTube and creating the finishing touches before it released just this month.

The app itself has a straightforward approach. You can choose to login to your Facebook or register an account, but Indie Manila mobile takes you straight to where the action is by providing a list of live bands, news and updates, and upcoming gigs in their short selection at the bottom. As of writing, the lists aren’t in chronological or alphabetical order yet, but it’s not hard finding each listing since Manila already has big hotspots for big and upcoming OPM names to put up their shows.

From the calendar section, can book listings straight to your phone by clicking the small icon on the upper right side of each venue, saving it locally on your phone.

In the Scene category, news and updates are readily available if you’re looking to read up on what’s been going around recently.

The Where to Find Live Music section is where most of the fun is, since this is the place you should browse if you’re looking for an artist performing at a certain location. Plus points to Indie Manila for giving us full coverage for fan favorite bars where big names drop their tunes, namely Route 196, Saguijo, Mow’s Bar, and 19 East.

As of right now, the Rewards section is still a work in progress, but it’ll do you good to regularly check up on this part as well since Indie Manila will soon have freebies up for grabs like free passes and band merchandise, as well as discounts to your favorite spots.

I’d say Indie Manila mobile is a must-have app for every OPM-lover’s phone. We’ve already got it locked in on our home screen. Have you?

Image source: Google Play | Indie Manila

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